Hello, Introducing All Over Social

All Over Social is a small company offering social media management and marketing consultancy to small businesses with equally big ideas.
We love social, like really love it. Social media is an extremely powerful tool, whether you and your business are already embracing social media and have quickly realised that you don’t have the time to commit to creating, delivery and reporting the content, or you want to be embracing it and are not exactly sure where to begin. Our paths have collided for a reason. You need us, and we need you.
You are a small business, we get that, you want someone to act as an additional member of your workforce, an extension of your team. Someone who invests in understanding you and your business and most importantly your customers.
The founder of All Over Social has over 10 years experience of working in marketing. 8.5 of those within the UK’s leading travel marketing agency. All Over Social can deliver the message of your brand, to your audience effectively.
All Over Social offer Social Media Management from as little as £150 per month. We can also create and deliver e-mail marketing campaigns. To be honest, we can advise on most aspects of your marketing and if we can’t deliver it personally, we’ll know someone that can. Saving you time & money. Lets get together and discuss what it is you need and how and what we can deliver. Nothing to lose. Maybe lots to gain.
Look forward to getting to know you, as we love to be social. See what we did there?!

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